What would happen if I miss a monthly premium?

If you have a policy with cash value, that cash value can be used as a helping hand in most cases. The cash inside the policy may be used to supplement the premium in case you are in a bind. But that will only last as long as there is cash value in the policy. Once the money in the policy runs out then the policy can lapse after a 30 day grace period.

If it is a term insurance policy, then you only get the 30 grace period to pay the missed premium. Because term insurance typically doesn’t hold any cash value to be used for premium supplement, the premium has to be paid within the 30 days or you lose the policy coverage. Sometimes insurance company may allow you to reinstate the policy within a certain period of time after it lapses if you can pay the missed premiums and answer some simple medical questions. Otherwise you may have to go through a full medical underwriting process to get your policy reinstated. Then if you have to get a new policy then the new premiums will be based on your current age.