no medical insuranceLife insurance plans for people that are hard to insure.

If you don’t like needles  or you just don’t want to go through a medical exam then this can be useful. If you have been declined by an insurance company, you may be able to get the no-medical life insurance.

We have a large selection of No-medical or simplified issue life insurance plans. You can get term or permanent life insurance without any medical for very competitive rates.

If you have a dangerous occupation or you participate in dangerous sports you can still get the simplified life insurance policy.

We also have Old couple guaranteed life insuranceguaranteed issue life insurance offered by many of the Major Companies:

You are guaranteed to be covered for life insurance, period. Many of the Canadian insurance companies offer small amount of life insurance to those people that have serious health issues.

That means that you will not be turned down for coverage regardless of health condition. It is generally purchased to cover final expenses for people that cannot get any other life insurance.

More to come on this page.