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If you are planning to travel outside of Canada, you must consider buying travel insurance to protect you and your loved ones from any unexpected medical emergencies. Travel insurance can also cover you for lost baggage or flight cancellation etc.

Visitor to Canada Travel Insurance:

If you have relatives or friends coming to Canada as visitor or as a new immigrant, they also need emergency medical coverage. Provincial medical agencies do not provide any medical coverage for visitors to Canada. Also any new immigrants to Canada must buy their own medical insurance for the first 3 months including the month they landed in Canada as an immigrant.

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Is it necessary to buy travel insurance?

If you are travelling to any country without emergency medical insurance, you are taking a big risk. In most cases your travel will go without any problem. You will have fun and enjoy every minute of your vacation.

          But what if (a big what if) you fall ill due to weather conditions or because of eating too much or wrong kind of food, what will you do. Some countries have lot of pollution in the air or their drinking water is not the same. You are out on a hike in some foreign land and you trip and twist your ankle or break a bone. Do you want to use your own savings to pay for the medical costs?

          Some people say I can’t afford travel insurance. if you cant afford to pay a few hundred dollars to cover you for medical emergencies, then how will you afford 10’s of thousands of dollars to pay for the medical costs. In US medical cost can be as high as $10,000 per day. If you get into a major accident and had to spend a few days at the hospital, that could cost you more than $100,000. We hear those kind of horror stories quite frequently. Some people lost all of their life savings because they saved a few dollars and went without any insurance.

Trip Cancellation/ Interruption insurance:

Always consider trip cancellation insurance when booking your travel. This benefits you if you have to cancel your travel suddenly due to illness or injury or death of a close relative. Flight delays or cancellations can happen due to many reasons including bad weather or mechanical problems etc. Trip cancellation coverage can cover you for non-refundable part of the airfare, prepaid travel costs or any cancellation penalties.

            If your trip is interrupted after leaving, you will be covered for things transportation cost to rejoin your travel group or for longer delays you may be covered for things like accommodation and meals or other out of pocket expenses.

Always remember to read the policy wording to confirm what is covered to what limits and what are the exclusions.