How to Invest without Risking your principal

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Have market downturns in the past played havoc with your investments?

Are you thinking about or are currently letting your money sit in a bank account or a low-interest GIC as you are afraid to lose your money again?

If that’s the case, I’ve got good news for you! There’s a savings vehicle that offers you a chance to earn more than you would with an ordinary term investment, but with the security knowing that your investment is guaranteed at 100%.

The product is the market-linked term investment Guarantee Advantage from Desjardins Financial Security.

Instead of the fixed interest rate you would have with an ordinary term investment, Guarantee Advantage offers you a return at maturity, within a predetermined guaranteed minimum and potential maximum range, that’s linked to a basket of securities listed on the stock exchange.

§ Regardless of what the markets do, you won’t lose any money. That’s guaranteed.

§ If the basket of securities generates a higher return than the guaranteed minimum return, that’s the return you’ll get up to a prescribed maximum. In other words, you stand to earn more than you would with a fixed-rate term investment!

§ You can name beneficiaries in this insurance based product, protecting your assets from probate, legal, accounting, executor fees at death – not to mention the privacy aspects.

§ Guaranteed Advantage offered by Desjardins is protected through Assuris up to $100,000 per person, in the event of insurance carrier bankruptcy. Desjardins is the fifth strongest bank in the world (#1 in North America) as rated by Bloomberg Markets in 2015. That’s right, our capital reserves are stronger than any bank in North America – we are working hard to protect your investment.

Don’t let your savings sit around in a bank account earning minimal interest! CPI inflation in Canada is 2% over the long term. This means that if you are locked into a GIC paying 1% interest, you are losing 1% of purchasing power each year! To find out more about Guarantee Advantage or review your financial plan, make an appointment with me today at 604592 5433

Here is a link to a brochure that shows how it works:…/Do…/12086E.pdf