LifeSmart Insurance provides Super Visa Insurance from some major Canadian insurance companies. To be eligible for the program, the applicants are required to meet specific criteria. They must have:

  • Medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company

  • Insurance must be valid for at least one year from the date of entry

  • Have coverage for at least $100,000

  • Applicant must provide proof that the insurance is paid for.

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What to Consider for Super Visa Insurance?

  • Amount of Coverage

  • Pre-existing Condition

  • Deductible Amount

  • Refund Policies for Early Return

  • Exclusions and Limitations

  • History of Insurance Company

You've to buy medical coverage in advance due to the government requirements. Once your Super Visa is approved, you're allowed to change the date of the insurance. In case it isn't approved, you're entitled to a full return of the premiums.

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